Jordan says no evidence received of jamming allegations

Jordan's government said it has not yet received any evidence from Al Jazeera satellite channel supporting the channel's claim that Jordan jammed its broadcast of the FIFA World Cup in June this year.

The Tuesday edition of Al-Ghad, a Jordanian paper, quoted an official source who denied the Qatari channel's claims that it has sent evidence of its accusations to Jordan.

The same source, who requested anonymity, denounced Al Jazeera's action, saying the Jordanian government has never announced details of any correspondence with Al Jazeera before making sure the channel has received its message officially. The source added that announcing the content of dispatches before the government has received them exposes the intentions of the channel, which, he said, "seeks media wrangles instead of searching for the truth."

A few days ago, the government of Jordan responded to the accusations, made against Jordan's media minister, Ali al-Ayed, saying that it will take all necessary steps against any individuals or institutions distorting the state's image.

On 29 September the Guardian reported that “Mysterious jamming of TV broadcasts of the summer's World Cup by the Arabic satellite channel al-Jazeera has been traced to Jordan,” specifying the al-Salt region, 27km west of the capital Amman, as the source of the scramble.

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