Israeli tries to enter Taba to celebrate Abu Hasira festival

Security forces arrested an Israeli citizen who illegally entered Taba, South Sinai, Saturday under the pretext of going to celebrate the festival of Abu Hasira, who is also known as Avir Yaakov, then escaping to Morocco.

The Israeli was found Saturday in front of the Taba checkpoint, a security source said. He was identified as Ibrahim Shlomi, 29, a resident of Haifi and Jerusalem of Moroccan origin.

Authorities sent Shlomi to Nuweiba prosecutors for interrogation. The prosecution sent him to detention for four days pending investigation, and notified the Israeli Embassy about the incident.

Security forces had arrested an Israeli citizen named Ahmed Gamal Daief, an Arab citizen of Israel who tried to enter the Egyptian border from Taba and requested political asylum to Egypt, explaining that he is Muslim and faces persecution and repression by Israeli authorities because of religious practices.

Abu Hasira is a historical and religious Jewish figure who was born in Morocco and traveled to Egypt, according to Jewish folklore.

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