Israeli tourists abandon Egypt in wake of flotilla massacre

Israelis have largely stopped visiting Egypt since an Israeli military raid Monday that left between nine and 20 people dead on a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy.

The movement of Israeli tourists through the Taba border crossing with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has slowed over the past week and Israelis have canceled reservations at resorts and hotels both in North and South Sinai, apparently out of fear of revenge attacks.

Nabil Abdel Latif, chairman of the investors association of Riviera, Nuweiba, and Taba, said Israelis fled Egyptian resorts as soon as they learned that Israeli naval commandos had stormed a boat carrying humanitarian and solidarity activists. Abdel Latif predicted the lull in Israeli tourism would continue.

Flights between Cairo and Tel Aviv has also seen a downturn. Sources at Cairo Airport said that flights between Egypt and Israel have been almost empty, and added that the airport did not record entrance by a single Israeli over the past two days.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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