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Israeli police arrest 16 people in Tel Aviv during anti-government protests

From CNN's Lauren Izso and Mohammed Tawfeeq

The Israel Police said 16 people were arrested in Tel Aviv during large protests calling for the release of hostages held in Gaza and the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The demonstrators were arrested “for disruption of traffic and road blockages,” the police said in a statement released Saturday.

“There were large amounts of protestors who disrupted public order by igniting fires, toppling police barriers, obstructing roads, and scuffling with law enforcement: 16 disorderly individuals were arrested and 9 citations of 1000 shekels ($270) were written for disruption of traffic and road blockages,” according to the statement.

Video shows police using a water cannon to disperse protesters on the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv and arresting at least one person, who was taken into a police vehicle.

The footage shows a number of protesters standing in front of the water cannon, chanting: “We will not give up until things get better.”

Israel Police encouraged protesters in Tel Aviv to obey the law and avoid violent protests in a separate statement released on Saturday and posted on X.

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