Israeli newspaper: Israel should refrain from accusing Egyptian govt

Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Sunday in an editorial that "no good" will come from accusations leveled by Israel against Egypt, as Israel itself has not done all it could to prevent the terrorist attacks that took place on its soil last week.

Israeli military personnel killed six Egyptian military and security personnel along the border between the two countries Friday, while looking for gunmen who had fired on an Israeli bus near the southern city of Eilat on Thursday, when eight Israelis were killed.

“The circumstances of the terrorist attack that set off the escalation in relations between Israel and Egypt and destroyed the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas must be thoroughly examined,” led the editorial.

Haaretz defended the new Egyptian government, claiming it has declared its “allegiance and commitment to peace accords and commercial agreements with Israel,” and that Egypt is not a terrorist cell, but rather a partner in facing terrorist threats.

Israel has issued no official apology so far for the killings.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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