Israeli journalist nominates Mubarak for ‘Man of the Year Award’

An Israeli journalist suggested his country’s Man of the Year Award should go to ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Israeli TV political correspondent Udi Siegel made the suggestion on channel 2 of Israeli television on Tuesday evening.
According to the 40 year old Siegel, Mubarak symbolizes the last Jewish year “with all its changes, risks, hope and despair.” According to the Jewish calendar, the Jewish year ended on Wednesday evening.
 “Mubarak was the president of Egypt for 3 decades and he was a symbol of peace and regional stability,” said Siegel. “However, he never visited Israel and only worked on advancing peace within the usual framework.”
 “Today, Mubarak is lying in a cage, where his people are judging him, and thus reflects the changes that have affected the Arab world,” he said.
Siegel has worked as a reporter since 1999 for Channel 2 of Israeli television. Prior to that, he worked as a correspondent for the Israeli army’s radio station.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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