Israel summons Egyptian, other foreign ambassadors over anti-settlement UN vote

The Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned, Sunday, ambassadors to Tel Aviv from countries that voted in favor of the UN Security Council's resolution which calls for an immediate cessation of settlement construction in the Palestinian territories and East Jerusalem, including Egypt's ambassador Hazem Khairat.

Israeli Ministry spokesperson, Emmanuel Nahshon, said that the representatives of the countries that supported the resolution visited the headquarters of the ministry in Jerusalem, each in turn, to discuss the resolution.

Haaretz quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying that each ambassador will be reprimanded on his own.

A senior western diplomat in Jerusalem told the newspaper that the summon was unusual, particularly with regard to the timing, on Christmas Day holiday. Summoned ambassadors included the countries of Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, France, Britain, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay and Spain, according to the diplomat.

Yediot Ahronot newspaper said on its website the summon comes despite the fact that the ministry is off on Sunday and despite the Christmas celebrations.

Israeli Radio reported that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had summoned ambassadors to "rebuke them for the positions of their countries".

The Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, meanwhile issued a decision to sever contacts with the Palestinian Authority, with the exception of security coordination.

At the beginning of the Israeli cabinet's weekly meeting, Netanyahu accused the outgoing US President Barack Obama's administration of being behind the UN Security Council's resolution as it refrained from using its veto to stop the resolution from passing.

He described the Obama administration's stance as "a clear and hostile coup against Israel".

Reuters news agency, meanwhile, reported that the White House has denied the allegation.

Netanyahu said that he has no doubt that the Obama administration has launched the bidding process of the resolution, and coordinated its drafts, and called for its adoption.
According to the Israeli PM's statement, this is in contradiction with the traditional US policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which stipulated not imposing any conditions for the final solution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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