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Israel spreading lies to sow rift between Egypt and Palestine: Hamas official

The media advisor to the head of the Hamas political bureau, Taher al-Nono, refuted allegations that the Hala Consulting and Tourism Services Company and the Egyptian Rafah border crossing are charging thousands of dollars on passing Palestinians.

He claimed that these are “Zionist occupation” lies which seek to sow a rift between the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples.

Israel does not want there to be a strong relationship between Palestine and Egypt at any level, he stressed.

During a telephone interview with the Egyptian channel CBC on Saturday, Nono said: “These are rumors aimed at targeting the Egyptian role, as it is the only consistent and strongest role in supporting the Palestinian people, and these are Zionist-Israeli rumors promoted by their agents and those who hate Egypt.”

“The Egyptian state is our permanent partner, as it has never been negligent towards our people,” he said, and urged people not to listening to any rumors spread by the occupation to divide both countries.

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