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Israel says it will defy the ICJ’s orders over Gaza war

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that Israel has “decided to ignore the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).”

He added in statements reported by international media: “We cannot accept this decision. We will continue the war on Gaza in the same way.”

The ICJ’s ruling on Friday sparked widespread reactions to South Africa’s claim that the Israeli occupation army committed genocide in Gaza.

A large majority of the 17-judge ICJ panel voted in favor of urgent measures covering most of South Africa’s requests, with the exception of directing a halt to Israeli military action in Gaza.

The ICJ, the highest court in the United Nations, ordered Israel to take measures to prevent and punish direct incitement to genocide in its war in the Gaza Strip.

The President of ICJ began announcing a preliminary decision regarding urgent measures that South Africa demanded to be taken against Israel, accusing it of committing genocide in Gaza.

The court explained that it recognizes the right of the Palestinians in Gaza to be protected from acts of genocide, and stated that Palestinians are protected under the Genocide Convention.

The ICJ ordered Israel to take all measures within its power to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, noting that Israel must ensure that its forces do not commit genocide and take measures to improve the humanitarian situation, and submit a report to the court within one month on what it is doing to implement the order.

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