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Israel offers new prisoner exchange deal proposal

Hebrew media outlets revealed that negotiations on Monday are in place regarding a new Israeli offer for a deal to release hostages held by Hamas.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority explained that the new Israeli proposal includes four main points:

  • Release kidnapped non-soldiers.
  • Long-term ceasefire.
  • Tactical withdrawal for the Israeli army from several areas in Gaza Strip.
  • Release Palestinian security prisoners from occupation prisons.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority reported that Tel Aviv anticipated a response on Tuesday from Qatar regarding Hamas’ position on the broad outlines of the initiative, but according to the messages received from there, the matter will be postponed for a day or two due to the current military operations of the occupation army in Khan Yunis.

An Israeli political official said: “We are noticing a shift in Hamas’ position and we are optimistic. But everything could change at any moment.”

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