Israel ignores request to attend Marwan hearing

The Westminster Coroners Court began its hearing on Tuesday for the alleged murder of Egyptian billionaire and suspected double agent Ashraf Marwan.

Judge William Doleman said the Israeli embassy has ignored his request for an embassy representative to attend the session. The American embassy also refrained from sending a representative, while the Egyptian consul was in attendance.

A medical expert told the court that traces of alcohol were detected in Marwan’s blood two days after his death, and that the medication he used to take could have caused him to lose his balance.

Marwan had fallen from his fifth-floor apartment in London three years ago in a high-profile incident that drew media attention around the world and was followed by claims that he was possibly murdered.

Marwan’s widow Mona Abdel Nasser, daughter of late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, has rejected any allegations that her husband used to drink, insisting that he had been preparing to perform the Islamic hajj (religious pilgrimage).

Abdel Nasser’s lawyer Roy Campbell objected to Judge Doleman’s decision not to call certain eyewitnesses to the stand, and insisted on his request that former Israeli intelligence agent Aharon Bergman, who is now a historian and lives in London, be called forth to give his testimony.

Bergman had previously characterized Marwan as a double agent who defeated Israel from within. He was also the last person to leave Marwan a message on his answering machine requesting to meet him.

Abdel Nasser also reiterated statements she made on Sunday to the The Observer that her husband had reported to her feelings of being watched and a suspicion that he would soon be killed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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