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Israel files complaint against Egyptian swimmer over solidarity with Palestine

The Israeli Swimming Association filed a complaint with World Aquatics (the International Swimming Federation) against Egyptian swimming team player Abdelrahman Sameh, who declared his solidarity with Palestine while receiving the gold medal in the World Cup Swimming Championship held in Greece.

After winning the gold medal, Sameh said that he received death threats because of his support for the Palestinian people against what they are being subjected to by the occupying state in Gaza City.

Sameh refused to celebrate after winning the World Cup gold medal, saying: “I cannot celebrate the coronation in light of what my brothers are being exposed to in Palestine at the present time.”

“I was attacked all week because of my support for my brothers there, but I will continue to do so.”

Sameh won the gold medal in the 50-meter butterfly race in the World Cup championship in Athens.

World Aquatics removed photos of Sameh from the federation’s official websites due to his vocal support for the Palestinian cause.

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