Israel envoy leaves Cairo after talks on termination of gas supply

An Israeli envoy left Cairo for Tel Aviv on Monday following an hours-long visit on the heels of Egypt's decision to stop supplying gas to Israel.

Airport sources said the envoy met with several Egyptian officials and discussed the repercussions of terminating the gas exports and the impact the move will have on the future of relations between the two countries.

Mohamed Shoeib, head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, confirmed that the contract with East Mediterranean Gas Company — which provides Israel with natural gas — was terminated because the latter failed to fulfill contractual obligations.

An Israeli TV channel said Egypt informed EMG of the termination, and the channel called it a "strike" at the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

News analysts have suggested that Egypt's decision may be intended to put pressure on the Ampal-American Israel Corporation, which recently decided to sue the Egyptian government for not abiding by the terms of the gas deal.

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