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Israel continues brutal massacres, leaving 160 dead and 250 injured

Israeli occupation forces committed several more massacres in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of 160 Palestinians and the injury of 250 others.

Occupation raids targeted the Maghazi and Nuseirat camps and the Deir al-Balah area, resulting in 40 deaths.

They also bombed an entire residential square in Khan Yunis, killing 30 people and wounding 50 others.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported 73 dead and 99 injured within 24 hours.

Local media reported that 60 Palestinians were killed in the bombing of a house in the al-Fallujah area of Jabalia camp in the north, and 30 others died in a raid that targeted al-Maghazi School, affiliated with the UNRWA.

Israeli media reported the discovery of new tunnel shafts in the middle of the Gaza Strip, while the resistance confirmed that some occupation soldiers were trapped inside two tunnels.

The al-Qassam Brigades announced it has targeted forces penetrating Maghazi camp, captured a bulldozer and two Merkava tanks east of the Bureij camp, and bombed occupation positions in the city of Khan Yunis.


Escalating clashes with Lebanon

An Israeli raid on Monday led to the killing of Hezbollah’s elite unit official, Wissam al-Tawil, leading to mutual bombing between the two sides on the border.

In response to the assassination, Hezbollah fired missiles from southern Lebanon towards the Ruwaisat Alam site in Shebaa Farms, where it confirmed casualties.

The occupation also confirmed that a soldier was injured when an anti-tank missile was fired at the Mount Dov area on the border with Lebanon, and sirens sounded in several towns in the Western Galilee.

The World Health Organization said on Monday that it was forced to cancel a mission to deliver medical supplies to northern Gaza Strip because it was unable to obtain security guarantees.

And the Save the Children organization on Sunday said more than 10 children on average lose one or both of their legs every day in Gaza.

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