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Israel admits it has paid ‘heavy price’ for war on Gaza

The war on Gaza continues to see numerous developments politically and on the ground, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Israel has paid a ‘heavy price‘ due to the war.

The Washington Post newspaper, citing analysts, revealed that Israel’s economy had suffered a “severe blow” that raised concerns in Tel Aviv, as the war on Gaza had cost the occupation government $18 billion – a rate of $220 million per day.

Netanyahu added during a press conference on Sunday evening that he will not resign completely from power, and said that the war will continue for many months.

The Israeli newspaper Maariv meanwhile anticipates that Netanyahu’s days in government are numbered.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation claimed that the occupation army is considering returning the displaced people of northern Gaza to their areas, and quoted officials from the Israeli security service Shin Bet as saying that Tel Aviv is considering establishing shelter camps in the areas where the fighting ended.

An expert in national security studies and Israeli affairs Tarek Fahmy, said that the move is “unthinkable,” stressing that these statements “Aim to deceive international public opinion on the one hand, and pass the occupation’s plans on the other hand.”

Palestinian analyst Youssef Sharqawi said that Israel cannot take this step unless it aims to reduce the density in the south, even if that is by throwing them into combat zones.


The brutal costs of war

The Israeli occupation continued its brutal attacks on the residents of the Gaza Strip, adding 12 new massacres within one day, leaving 150 dead in addition to the death of former Al-Aqsa preacher Sheikh Yusef Salama.

Up to 26 Palestinians, including seven children, were killed in an Israeli bombing of Khan Yunis.

Occupation deaths since the ground war rose to 176 soldiers.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Sunday that the total number of people killed in the Israeli aggression had risen to 21,822, with 56,451 injured.

The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement, announced a joint operation with the Mujahideen Brigades, in which they targeted an Israeli Apache plane in the Zaytoun neighborhood with a SAM 7 missile.

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