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‘Ismailia groom’ referred to a criminal trial for physically assaulting his wife

On Thursday, the Public Prosecution referred the husband known as the “Ismailia groom”, to court for allegedly detaining his wife at his brother’s apartment, restricting her freedom, and deliberately inflicting injuries on her. 

A statement by the Public Prosecution issued earlier on the incident, said prosecutors interrogated the victim’s father, who testified that his daughter asked for his help from the balcony of her brother in law’s apartment, upon his arrival to the property, in which her residence and the residence of her brother in law are located.

The Public Prosecution also asked a journalist with links to the victim who claims that she too was assaulted by the pair..

The journalist added that she saw the injuries on the victim’s body, so she reported the incident to the police.

Police investigations confirmed the incident, as well as the statements of the victim, her father and the witness journalist.

Ismailia security authorities on Monday arrested Abdullah A, the husband accused of beating his wife, after she filed a report accusing him of repeatedly assaulting her and detaining her.

Unhappy marriage

The Ismailia bride was back to trending on social media after only eight months of being married. 

The incident begins with the spread of a video of her on her wedding day, when her husband beat her at the hairdresser, and forced her to ride the wedding car on Sultan Hussein Street in Ismailia.

Police arrived at the scene and they were both taken to the Ismailia Police Station.

The couple reconciled and returned to the wedding later.

They then appeared in a video clip from inside their apartment, where the bride confirmed at the time that she was fine, and that what had happened was only a simple dispute.

After that, the husband went made a public apology to all the women of Egypt for what he had done to his wife, expressing respect and appreciation for the people of Ismailia and Egyptian women.

“We found a bride screaming and then passed out on the street in her wedding dress. A person carried her and placed her in the car,” journalist Amira Abdel Hakim, who took videos of the incident. 

She pointed out that everyone thought at first that the bride had fainted, but then it turned out that the groom continued to hit his bride inside the car decorated for their wedding, adding that the groom beat his wife severely and insulted her.

He repeated that she was his wife and anyone who will interfere will be beaten by him.

Justice is served 

On Saturday, the wife filed an official complaint against her husband, eight months after the marriage, because the husband had beaten her, according to the claim she filed.

She accused her husband of severely beating her and causing some injuries to different parts of her body.

According to the police report, the wife accused the husband of assaulting her, holding her for 15 days in a room at their house, and preventing her family from seeing her, checking on her, or communicating with her.

The Ismailia bride claimed she lived under threat due to the frequent beatings of her husband, with every dispute that occurred between them.

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