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Ismailia governor criticized for outdoor gym at city’s downtown area

Controversy spread in the city of Ismailia following governor Hamdi Osman’s decision to install exercise devices at the city’s public streets and gardens, amid demands to provide basic priorities and services to citizens first.

Citizens ridiculed the idea of public gyms, saying that the governorate has not yet reached the level of luxury that leads to such initiative, describing it as a waste of public money.

“There are problems that deserve attention, such as drinking water in the villages and garbage in the city,” said Sayed Abdel Aal.

On the other hand, others encouraged the initiative and see it as supportive of sports culture.

“It’s a wonderful idea that I witnessed before in Saudi Arabia,” said Khaled Mohammed Khaled, a civil engineer from Ismailia.

This comes after another controversial decision by the governor to close cafes and restaurants at 1 am, claiming it would help confront divorce.

Osman stressed the importance of committing to these orders, and that legal measures would be taken against anyone who violates these instructions, with punishments reaching to administrative closure.

The governor explained that citizens spending long hours on cafes is a waste of time and depletes their family budget, as cafe users spend large amounts of money, which is a cause of family problems and divorce cases.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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