Ismail’s reputation and credibility

I cannot believe the government is overlooking the new prime minister's reputation. How could the man have been chosen without anyone explaining his relationship with the main suspect in the Agriculture Ministry’s corruption case?
I do not doubt Sherif Ismail’s integrity. In fact, I did write about his success as petroleum minister, hoping he would continue to succeed as prime minister because this means success for us all.
But this is one thing, and the pictures that the media keep showing of him with that suspect is something else. If you look closely at those pictures, which were taken in different places and on different occasions, you will sense that they have a close relationship and are not mere acquaintances. And if you haven’t noticed, please look again.
I would like to whisper in Ismail’s ear that if the government does not mind his reputation, he should. I would also like to tell him that Denmark formed a government last June of 16 ministers and not 32, or more, like us.
It makes no sense to have a ministry for tourism and another for aviation because both are closely linked. When they were combined in one ministry under Fouad Sultan, things were much better.
It makes no sense to have a ministry for health and another for the population.
It makes no sense to have four ministries for education.
And it makes no sense to have a ministry for antiquities, since just a general authority would do.
Mr. Prime Minister, your priorities are your reputation, because it affects your credibility, and the size of your Cabinet should be as that of Denmark's.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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