Islamists vow to defeat NDP candidates

Egypt's Islamist parties have vowed to stop members of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) running in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“We will not give them a chance to win a seat,” said Saad al-Husseiny, of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party executive bureau. “And we will expose them to the public.”

Husseiny said that the party’s collaboration with the liberal Wafd Party still stands. “We have a political alliance as such, although we are rivals in the elections,” he said.

Hassan Hamad of the Jama'a al-Islamiya said his group has started a campaign against NDP remnants in Upper Egypt. “We are educating the people as to why they should not vote for them,” he said.

Mohamed Alaa Abul Azayem, founder of the Sufi-led Tahrir Party, also said his party will do its best to defeat NDP candidates. “They have corrupted political life,” he said.

“They have the audacity to use their past relations with the Sufi Orders in their campaigns,” said Aly Zayed, coordinator of the Sufi Orders Coalition. “But we will fight them in the elections.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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