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Islamic Jihad says it is ready to release all prisoners when Israel does the same

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Mohamed al-Hindi said that “If Israel is ready to release all our prisoners, then we are ready.”

“Israel’s choices are difficult regarding the hostages because it failed to recover them militarily.”

During an interview on Al Jazeera, Hindi added that: “Al-Quds Brigades – the military wing of the movement – handed over the civilian detainees, including women and children,” indicating that the movement can “make an all-for-all equation regarding the detainees.”

He continued: “Israel’s tone of preparing for war is to influence the course of negotiations,” pointing out that the performance of the resistance and the “steadfastness of our people” is what will decide the fate of the battle, and assured that the movement is prepared for any escalations.

“Israel may be forced to end the aggression in light of the increasing losses,” he added, noting that the Gaza Strip has already witnessed unbelievable bombing at a rate of 35,000 tons of explosives.

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