Irrigation Ministry to establish walkway areas and anchors on Nile River


Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Ati announced on Sunday that the ministry has prepared a comprehensive study of walkway areas in governorates bordering the Nile River in preparation for its “Mamsha ahl Masr” (Walkway for the people of Egypt) project.

The project will include establishing river anchors and aims to utilize the Nile River in tourist development and the transportation of passengers and goods.

Abdel Ati said that the project’s idea will be to provide the Egyptian people with Nile parks, prevent Nile encroachments, reduce water losses and confront the issues of siltation and bridge scouring as a result of human and developmental activities in the Nile River.

Abdel Ati added that the project’s works will be cover from the May 15 Bridge to Imbaba Bridge, using banks of the Nile as parks.

He explained that the project’s first phase was completed in the eastern side of the Nile from Qasr al-Nile Bridge to May 15 Bridge, and  that the project extends from Helwan to Qanater  al-Khayria.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm





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