Iranian politician: Mubarak’s trial puts US in trouble

The trial of ousted president Hosni Mubarak will represent a problem for the US when formulating its Middle East policies, an Iranian lawyer and politician has said.

Parviz Sorouri, a member of Iran's parliamentary committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, told Iran's news agency that the trial of Mubarak has reduced the importance of US policies in the Middle East and negatively affected US hegemony over the region.

The powers controlling the world are attempting to ruin the Egyptian revolution through military intervention and soft power, but have failed, he said.

Sorouri added the trial of Mubarak is a lesson to all rulers who suppress popular movements in their countries through arrests, intimidation and killing.

He added that the Egyptian people will not allow the US to hijack their revolution, and have sent a message to the world that any nation that insists on standing up against oppression will eventually win.

Mubarak’s trial has received intense coverage in the foreign media.  

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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