Investigators uncover female MB group

Investigations by the office of the Supreme State Security Prosecution allegedly uncovered the existence of a special women’s organization within the Muslim Brotherhood led by Deputy Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat, who was arrested a few days ago with other members of the Brotherhood.

The women’s organization is similar to the organization led in the past by Zeinab el-Ghazali, sister of the late Sheikh Mohamed el-Ghazali, said the investigators.

The investigators said Ezzat and other MB members attracted women into the group and used them to relay orders to other group members without being detected by security forces. More arrests are expected in the coming days as investigations unfold.

The investigators also claimed that Mahmoud Ezzat ousted all members of the Brotherhood who had been proven disloyal to the special organization, as well as those who rejected the ideas ofSayyid Qutb. MB leaders Ezzat, el-Erian, Hamed and el-Barr have recently ousted several leaders and members who security forces were looking for, said the investigators.
They did not specify however, which leaders were currently being tracked down.
Meanwhile, Abdel Monem Abdel Maqsoud, first attorney for the group and head of the defense team, said the regime was unlikely to order the arrest of any more Brotherhood members.
Prosecutors accused Abdel Rahman el-Barr and Mohie Hamed of being in charge of the Brotherhood in Daqahlia and Sharqiya respectively.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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