Investigations show police shot Sheikh Zayed victim from the front

The young man killed during a police chase in Sheikh Zayed City on Thursday was shot from the front, the forensic report on the incident said. It also said that the police officers removed the victim's car number plates to provide a legal reason for the pursuit.

Moataz Anwar died within a minute of being shot by the two officers, forensic sources said, adding that the shots penetrated his chest and went out of his back, leaving two holes.
Investigations showed that the two defendants fired four shots at the victim's car and that he received the fifth in his chest after the front windshield shattered.
The South Giza Prosecutor ordered the detention of the two officers for four days pending investigation on charges of the premeditated murder of Anwar and the attempted murder of his two friends.
When questioned the officers said they were checking the security situation in Sheikh Zayed City and suspected a car without license plates.
They said that they saw one of the three victims in the car rolling a joint and lighting it. They claimed that the young men tried to escape, prompting the police officers to shoot at the back of the car to stop it.
After the car stopped, they said they were surprised to find Anwar shot, and they took him to hospital and detained his two friends.
Anwar's friends said the car had license plates and that they did not possess any drugs.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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