Interview with ex-president Mohamed Morsy’s son

Al-Masry Al-Youm: What do you say about your father’s trial today?
Osama Morsy: My father is innocent. He will achieve victory against those who performed the coup. His trial today is illegal and illegitimate, being based on void evidence. Mohamed Morsy is the legitimate president. He was removed from office illegally after armed forces intervened within political issues and removed him from his legitimate post that Egyptians voted him into through the ballot box during previous presidential elections, which was an example of real democracy.
Al-Masry: Do you expect a ruling be issued against him?
Osama: I do not expect any rulings against my father at the end of this "comedy" trial set up by the coup to eradicate his project he was going to carry out for the progress of the people. My father’s trial on charges of killing protesters, spying and other fabricated accusations are not legal. The miserable attempts to add fake legitimacy to their coup will not succeed. They are, in fact, terrified, despite the [people's] revolutionary steadfastness.
Al-Masry: How would you describe the trial?
Osama: Comedy trial. It’s an illegitimate one, since its leaders, including judges, are involved in the coup.
Al-Masry: Will you defend your father reprsenting himself as a lawyer?
Osama: No. My participation within this null trial represents my recognition of it. My father doesn’t want anyone to defend him, because he is not a suspect. His pleading is ruled out and completely rejected, since he is innocent and was brought for trial illegally.
Al-Masry: Do you expect him to defend himself today?
Osama: It’s up to him. However, I prefer that he withstands and leaves those who performed the coup to talk so they would be revealed before Egyptians. Egyptians know pretty well that Morsy is the legitimate president and that state institutions performed the coup because they did not want him to succeed. The trial itself is rejected by the Egyptian people, who do not recognize it because the trial is based on an illegitimate military coup, rather than freely elected institutions or individuals. Investigations were based on violations against the law and the Constitution.
Al-Masry: What would you do if a verdict was issued against your father?
Osama: It’s too early to discuss it. By law and logic, no verdict will be issued against him. Everyone should know that the legitimate president is highly supported by Egyptians. Leaders of the coup should know that the Egyptian revolution train is going on and will not stop until the end when the targets and dreams of Egyptians, who toppled the corrupt regime on 25 January 2011, come true.
Al-Masry: What’s the truth about the Interior Ministry arresting your younger brother and storming the family house?
Osama: It’s untrue. All that was recently said concerning the police attack against the family house and arresting my brother was no more than rumors to smear the image of the president’s family and harm our reputation. I would like to call on media channels to stick to accuracy when reporting news regarding our family, especially when much of the news is fabricated.
Al-Masry: Is it possible that your family will leave Egypt and stay abroad?
Osama: My family will not leave Egypt. We will stay here and be buried here. We are a patriotic family, and we understand the value of Egyptian land. We are criminals or suspects to leave. We hope that the coming period be better than what we lived in throughout the past days and that the legitimate president Mohamed Morsy be reinstated and security prevails.
Al-Masry: Why did Cairo Airport authorities ban you yesterday from traveling?
Osama: The airport authorities did not ban me. It was a simple procedural mistake that led to my travel to Malaysia being postponed. After I had waited for two hours, the authorities apologized for what happened and informed me that a simple mistake led to my travel's postponement. It was not as rumored that I was banned from traveling and that my name was included among those banned from traveling. Airport authorities did not detain me. They just requested me to wait until the procedures were over. I was going to Malaysia to complete my law studies.

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