International Pharaohs Rally racing event opens in Giza

The 30th round of the International Pharaohs Rally racing event opened Monday morning in the Giza Pyramids area. The sports and tourism ministers, as well as diplomatic and public figures, attended.

The race includes 532 participates from Arab and Western countries, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

State TV devoted substantial media coverage to the race, which is set to continue until Saturday, hoping to improve the image of Egypt and emphasize that the country can still organize world championships and major touristic and sporting events.

In all, 162 vehicles and SUVs, 72 motorcycles and two helicopters are participating in the race to secure the event, in addition to four ambulances for medical care.

Tourism Minister Hesham Zaazou said in press statements following the opening that the International Pharaohs Rally is of paramount importance to Egypt.

He explained that the race depends primarily on crossing the country’s deserts to confirm to the world that Egypt is still safe.

Zaazou said a sports events calendar would be prepared each year, sponsored by the Tourism Ministry, to promote tourism.

He announced that the ministry is about to establish an Olympic sporting city to host European teams in Egypt, something he said would support tourism.

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