International bloggers pour into Egypt, tourism ministry invites more

Following visits by a number of international bloggers and influencers who arrived upon the invitation of young Egyptian bloggers, the Ministry of Tourism encourages continued cooperation between young Egyptian bloggers and international bloggers and influencers and invites the latter groups to continue visiting Egypt, the ministry said in a press release on Monday.

Young Egyptian bloggers contacted a number of the most important bloggers and influencers globally to invite them to visit Egypt, the statement added. Many invitees accepted. The Ministry of Tourism also hired Egyptian blogger Ahmed Wahba to work at international tourism fairs, including the London Stock Exchange and the Berlin Stock Exchange.

The mentioned global influencers are followed by hundreds of thousands on social media. Those followers are guided by bloggers’ opinions when making travel decisions.

American travel blogger and filmmaker Rory Kramer, who is followed by hundreds of thousands around the world, was among the famous social media personalities invited by Egyptian bloggers to travel within Egypt.

Ahmed Wahba, an Egyptian blogger, accompanied Kramer to many places such as the Giza Pyramids, Salah al-Din Citadel, Sahl Hasheesh, Dahab, Gouna and others.

“Had a beautiful 10 days in Egypt. As you can see, a genuine smile has found its way back on my face. It’s been a solid two years of faking them to find it again. To those of you that helped support me in the process, thank you. Those that didn’t, thank you. It’s nice to feel happy again,” Kramer wrote on Instagram.

The pictures he posted on his social networking sites gained tens of thousands of likes.

The founders of the German travel website Jovi Travel were accompanied by Egyptian photographer and travel blogger Coucla Refaat during their visit to Egypt. Refaat accompanied the travelers to tourist sites in Cairo, Luxor, and Almaza beach on the north coast, where the bloggers described the seawater as crystal clear.

They published many pictures of themselves in front of the Pyramids and at the Temple of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. Those photos received tens of thousands of likes as well.

Famous Instagram influencer couple Candela and Ricardo visited the Giza Pyramids and Almaza beach on the north coast. They published many photos from the sites, which impressed thousands of followers. They said visiting Egypt was a dream for them, and promised to pay many more visits.

Refaat participated in the celebration held by the Ministry of Tourism in Luxor on the occasion of World Heritage Day last April. The website of the Egyptian Tourism Authority republished the photos of the influencers with the caption “Experience Egypt”.

Blogger Deegee Razon from the Philippines published a photo from the pyramids and another at Abu Simbel that read “One of my favorite spots in my recent #DeegeeEgypt trip”.

Tourism blogger Sarah Richard, founder of the coffeethentravel blog on Instagram, confirmed that she felt safe in Egypt and invited her followers to visit the country. She published her pictures in front of the pyramids of Giza and another several from Luxor, drawing thousands of likes.

Russian international blogger Nataly Osmann referred on her Instagram account to a positive article published by an English newspaper about tourism in Egypt a few days ago and thanked Minister of Tourism Rania Al Mashat for her support for bloggers and influencers visiting Egypt.

The Ministry of Tourism hosted Nataly Osmann and her husband Murad Osmann on a visit to Egypt in May 2018. They are two of the most influential bloggers on Russian and international social media in the field of tourism.

Last November, the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the US Chamber of Commerce organized a visit by a number of bloggers from the US to Egypt.

Instagram has become one of the most influential social networking sites for information on travel. A study published by Forbes stated that more than 40 percent of tourists around the world under the age of 33 years old use Instagram when making travel decisions.

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