Interior Ministry ‘taking measures to assure elections fair and free’

Egypt's Interior Ministry is taking serious measures to assure that the upcoming parliamentary elections will be fair and free, a senior ministry official said on Saturday.

Egyptians start voting for a new parliament on 28 November, and Islamic parties are expected to win a large number of seats.
The elections are seen as a crucial test of the ruling military council's commitment to end decades of autocratic rule in the Arab world's most populous country.
Refaat Komsan, assistant interior minister for electoral affairs, said there will be no errors in the upcoming elections as the Interior Ministry has prepared a complete database of all the people eligible to vote.
The total number is 60 million. In last parliamentary elections, 50 million out of Egypt’s 81 million had the right to vote.
In an interview with state-run newspaper Al-Akhbar, Komsan said that the police will be used to assure that the elections will be free and fair.
Egypt’s military rulers issued this month some legal provisions including penalties and fines for various electoral offenses, a move aimed at ensuring fair elections.
Elections during Hosni Mubarak's rule were marred by widespread ballot stuffing, vote buying and bullying to ensure sweeping wins for his National Democratic Party.
Komsan added that two ballot papers will be given to each voter, one for individual candidates and one for party lists.
Under election rules set after Mubarak's overthrow, two thirds of the lower house will be elected via the party list system – covering entire regions – and the rest as individual candidates in smaller constituencies.
Voters can see all the details and polling station information on the website of the Egyptian High Elections Commission.
The final results of the elections for Parliament will be announced by 13 January, while results for the Shura Council will be announced by 14 March, said Komsan.

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