Interior Ministry reshuffles internal leadership

Interior Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin approved a reshuffle involving several ministry leaders, including deputies, security directorate heads and criminal investigation departments, according to a statement Monday from Major General Hani Abdel Lateef.

Lateef, who is head of the ministry’s general administration of information and relations, said the reshuffle is meant to improve security forces’ performance and efficiency in meeting citizens’ demands.

In the statement, Abdel Lateef said the reshuffle also included the establishment of new administrations and sectors, such as a human rights sector and a social administration.

The reshuffle saw Major General Khaled Ghoraba appointed as the minister’s deputy for the social security sector. Ghoraba was previously the Alexandria security chief.

Activists claim Ghoraba was in charge of suppressing protests in Mahalla al-Kobra in 2008 and other protests prior to the 2011 revolution. He was also Alexandria’s police chief when Khaled Saeed was killed.

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