Interior Ministry kills 6 militants affiliated with Muslim brotherhood Giza, Ismailia

The Interior Ministry declared Saturday that it killed six militants affiliated the military wing of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group following a shoot-out in the Egyptian governorates of Giza and Ismailia.

According to a statement released on the Ministry’s official facebook page, the shoot-out between polices forces and the aforementioned six militants came as part of a police operation that targeted the arrest of the militants.
The arrest operation was launched after police received permission from the prosecution. The  six slain militants were proven to be responsible for terrorist attacks and two of them were leading figure from the ‘Hasm’ militant group.

“The police forces that received permission from the prosecution, to arrest two leading figures from the militant group of ‘Hasm,’ approached ‘Abu Ragwan’ road where  the two leading figures were stationed ready for an attack,” the statement read.

Upon the arrival of the police forces to the road, the two ‘Hasm’ leading figures opened fire against the forces, that led forces to engage in a shoot-out with them, the shooting led to the death of the two leading figures, the statement added.

The Interior Ministry noted that both the two killed ‘Hasm’ leaders were receiving funds and logistic support, such as weaponry, from fugitive MB leaders in order to execute numerous military attacks.

Meanwhile, other forces, affiliated with the Interior Ministry, targeted the other four militants Saturday morning. The four militants, who are believed to be part of the militant movement of ‘ Hasm’ affiliated to MB, were hiding in the desert area of ‘Gelbna’ located east of Ismailia governorate. The point was used as a station from which to launch their attacks, the Interior Ministry said.

The militants opened fire against the approaching police forces upon their arrival to arrest them. The police forces responded with fire, which led to the death of the four militants, according to a statement issued from the Interior Ministry.

The little-know group of ‘Hasm,’ that is believed to part of the MB military wing, has executed attacks side by side with another little-known group of ‘Lewaa El Thawra.’ Numerous military attacks have been carried out by the groups against policemen stationed in Cairo and the Delta governorates.

In previous statements both groups said that the operations against the police forces are considered revenge for their betrayal in the 25th Jan revolution and the dispersal of the renowned MB sit-in of Rabaa Al-Adawyia in 2013, in the wake of the removal of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from power.

Both aforementioned groups have adopted ideologies that are contrary to that of IS affiliated group of ‘Sinai Province,’ both ‘Lewaa El Thawra’ and ‘Hasm’ consider their operations as revenge acts against the current power’s betrayal.

While, the ‘Sinai Province’ group, based in the tumultuous North Sinai, has adopted a strategy dependent on the ideology that all army and police members are infidels who should be killed to pave the way for the establishment of the Caliphate state in the Middle East and eventually the rest of the world.



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