Interior Ministry declares firearms amnesty until end of June

The Public Security Sector, a branch of the Interior Ministry, announced on Wednesday a national firearms amnesty in collaboration with revolutionary youth groups and the armed forces.

The amnesty, called “Turn in your Weapon”, is part of a national campaign to encourage people to hand over weapons that are either unlicensed or were seized from police stations and prisons during the recent uprising.

The amnesty will last until the end of June, after which time punishments will be imposed on anyone found to be in posession of an illegal weapon.

Around 10,000 firearms were reported as stolen from prisons and police stations during the uprising, of which some 3000 were returned and another 7000 are still missing.

Major General Mostafa Marwan, head of the Information and Public Relations Department at the ministry, said during a press conference that the initiative will require the coordination of revolutionary youth groups, the ministry, the cabinet and the armed forces.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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