Interior Ministry bans production of new Ahmed Sakka film

The Interior Ministry stopped production of a new film starring Ahmed Sakka. The film, entitled “al-Maslaha,” tells the true story of police unraveling a major drug deal.

“We were going to start shooting next week,” said film producer Wael Abdallah. “But the ministry told us the film reveals classified details as to how the police investigate such cases.”

“We were banned from shooting in certain important locations,” Abdallah said. “This makes us lose the drama’s element of suspense.”

Abdallah question why the ministry recently banned the shooting despite the fact that it previously approved the script.

Security sources said the ministry objects to film scenes that show how the police arrest and investigate drug dealers. It said it considers the measures confidential and that publicly revealing them enables drug dealers to devise ways of countering them.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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