Interior Ministry approves largest promotions in its history

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim approved the largest promotions in the ministry’s history on Sunday.

“President Morsy did not have any reservations,” Ibrahim said, denying reports by the Middle East News Agency that the delay in the promotions was pending approval from the Freedom and Justice Party.

He said that he took into account the human, social and health considerations of the officers and their families in order to ensure their comfort and good performance.

Ibrahim added that the president recommended that competent leadership should stay in office, but that many colonels and brigadier generals are leaving upon their own request.

About 3,800 major generals were moved to different places, the services of 529 others were extended for another year, 192 were terminated, 284 were promoted and 262 retired.

Also, services of 1,715 brigadier generals were extended for a year, while 25 left upon their request.

The minister did not indicate if he would stay in office. “This is up to the president to decide,” he said.

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