Intelligence chief meets revolution youth coalition representatives

Representatives of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition met Mourad Mowafy, chief of Egypt's intelligence service, and a number of intelligence officers on Thursday evening to discuss the domestic and external security situation.

They discussed conducting the elections in the current security situation, after the coalition announced it will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Islam Lotfy, a member of the coalition's executive office and a founder of Tayyar al-Masry Party (the Egyptian Current Party), said the intelligence service and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) invited the coalition to meet, and the talk revolved around the security situation in Egypt and in other countries, particularly Syria, Palestine and Libya.
Lotfy told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the group had suspended any kind of communication with the SCAF for the past three months, since the break-up of a Tahrir Square sit-in by force on 9 April.
"The coalition accepted this invitation because it understands that the country is going through a sensitive stage of insecurity, especially as the date of the elections approaches," said Lotfy, adding that letting the situation continue would abort the revolution.
Lotfy said Mowafy asked to meet them after they launched on Thursday an initiative to salvage the revolution alongside other political forces. He said Mowafy asked them to further clarify the initiative and expressed his admiration for the idea.
Lotfy said the coalition gave a detailed explanation of the initiative and stressed it was built on a consensus between the public, political forces and presidential hopefuls, under the slogan "Security, Freedom and Bread."
Fifty political parties, civil society organizations, youth coalitions, syndicates and student unions support the initiative.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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