Intellectuals accuse ruling military council of leading counter-revolution

A group of political activists, writers, journalists and artists have launched an initiative under the name, “the National Initiative for Saving the Egyptian Revolution.”

The initiative includes, according to the draft statement signed by more than 100 public figures, laying a strategy for revolutionary powers to achieve 3 major goals, the first of which is protecting the revolution from its enemies inside and outside the country.

The statement labeled members of Egypt’s military council and members of the defunct National Democratic Party (NDP) “the heads of the anti-revolution.” That also includes all personnel working the National Security Agency, formerly called the State Security Investigations Service.

Some judges, businessmen, foreign companies, and media personalities working in Egypt are also enemies of the revolution, the statement added.

The second goal of the initiative is to deepen the sense of revolutionary spirit in Egypt by increasing political awareness by promoting escalating conflict with counter-revolutionary powers.

The third target of the initiative is to “put the revolution into effect” by tasking an elected authority to purge the country of remnants from the ousted regime.

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