Info Minister calls on TV officials to avoid sectarian incitement

Egyptian Information Minister Anas al-Fiqi has called on officials from Egyptian and Arab satellite channel to steer clear of issues that could be seen as inciting sectarian strife.

He said that "no good can come from such incitement," which would "only lead to the disruption of national unity."

Al-Fiqi also said that television was "no place for discussions that revolve around doctrinal beliefs," asserting that such discussions should be confined to “religious research centers, faculties of theology, and research and study rooms.”

The minister went on to express optimism that the media would react responsibly regarding issues that could potentially lead to sectarian strife and adversely impact national unity, calling on the media to instead focus on issues that benefited the public.

He also stressed that Egyptian television channels and the Nilesat satellite station would refrain from broadcasting material that could incite hatred.

Al-Fiqi noted that he had issued an order to ensure that all Nilesat channels were abiding by an agreement with the Media Free Zone Authority and the Nilesat administration not to broadcast material of a religious nature.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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