Independent Teachers Syndicate urges investigation into teachers’ deaths

The Independent Teachers Syndicate has called on the Attorney General to investigate the deaths of six teachers who died while invigilating thanaweyya amaa exams a few weeks ago.

The syndicate yesterday filed a report saying the Prime Minister and the Education and Health ministers had put the lives of the teachers in danger.

In the report, teachers said the exam invigilating schedules doubled their working hours. Teachers also had to work at schools far away from their place of residence, and under inhumane working conditions during the hottest time of the year, according to the report.

The syndicate also said the Minister of Health had not determined which hospitals teachers should approach in the event of falling sick; further, hospitals under the authority of the Health Ministry refused to receive and treat the teachers.

The report accused Ahmed Nazif, Egypt’s prime minister, of failing to give instructions to subordinates to take measures to ensure the health and safety of teachers during the exam period.

The report also stated that the government has not so far dealt with the six fatalities as work-related injuries, as the Education Ministry has not paid out the compensation it earlier pledged to the families of the deceased.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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