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In horrific crime, Egyptian teen falls victim to ‘dark web’ organ harvesters

The Public Prosecution has revealed the shocking details behind an Egyptian teenager who was murdered and had his organs taken by a criminal gang operating through the “dark web”.

The victim, “Ahmed,” 15, was a resident of Ezbet Othman in Shubra al-Kheima, Qalyubiya Governorate.

He was preyed upon by criminals who planned to sell footage of the crime for a large sum of money.

The murder was filmed live online, with the victim’s organs harvested and the footage sold through the “dark web”.


Gruesome details

According to the prosecution, the killer confessed that the crime had been instigated by an Egyptian citizen residing in Kuwait, who was deported back to Egypt and arrested.

He confirmed that the purpose of the crime was to sell the video and publish it through online to obtain large sums of money.

The perpetrator explained that the instigator asked him to choose a victim to kill and harvest their organs in exchange for five million LE.

After he picked the victim, he was shown to the instigator through a video call. The murderer explained that the instigator told him that he would be informed of the next step after doing so, but after he did what was asked so he was told to find another victim before obtaining the agreed amount.

The perpetrator was arrested before another life could be claimed.

After the Public Prosecution discovered the victims body, they found his organs had been removed and placed in a bag next to his body.

However the prosecution stated that it did not find any medical equipment during its inspection indicating that this was part of a professional organ harvesting scheme

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