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In exclusive interview, acclaimed US broadcaster Rashad Richey discusses Israel’s genocide in Gaza

When the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, Rashad Richey took it upon himself to transform his home into a television and radio studio to keep in touch with the wider world.

Now renowned as an acclaimed broadcaster, Richey, who lives and works from the city of Atlanta, sat down for an exclusive interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm where he discussed the war on Gaza and how Israel’s actions constitute a genocidal attempt to wipe out the Palestinians.

He referred to how the 39th US President, Jimmy Carter, wished for peace in Palestine, and also noted that up to 40 percent of the people suffering in Gaza are barely 14 years old.

Richey spoke of his role model, Martin Luther King Jr, a man who sacrificed his life so that American society could know peace. He constantly espoused to the whole world that all human beings are the same, and there is no difference between races except through the “content of their character”.

He expressed his desire to communicate directly with Arab broadcasting counterparts, noting the rich media history of the Arab world and that he has Arab-American friends.

Richey in particular noted that directly communicating with Arab media professionals ensures he has access to information that is not distorted by American biases.

His recipe for success? Just putting himself out there without assuming a specific type of personality. And his 2.5 million viewers and one million listeners are proof of it working.

Outside of broadcasting, Richie explained that he works as a university professor and boasts five doctoral dissertations in media, politics, law, physics, international migration, higher education, reform, the Federal Reserve and neuroscience.

He is also responsible for developing the strategy of the Democratic Party in the state of Georgia and received an award from current US President Joe Biden and former US President Barack Obama.

Richey is an Assistant Professor and Director of Institutional Development and Institutional Relations at Morris Brown College, Professor of Physics at Paris Graduate School, and is a daily television anchor for Indisputable.

He studied law from the Birmingham Law School, Religious Studies and Philosophy at Beulah Heights University, and has a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Quantum Mechanics.


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