In exclusive Al-Masry Al-Youm interview, Tunisian MP Samia Abbou says President Kais Saied saved Tunisia

Khaled El-shamy

Tunisian parliament member Samia Abbou, a member of the Democratic Current Party, said that President Kais Saied’s decisions to dismiss the government and freeze parliament’s work on July 25 is a “corrective revolution” that will conclude in the formation in a new government.

She said that Qais has the popular confidence and helped stop the collapse of the Tunisian state.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, she slammed the Ennahda party’s system of governance which captured the majority of parliament seats, accusing it of deviating from the democratic path and the gains of the revolution.

Instead it abused its power to enact legislation according to its size, interfering in the affairs of the judiciary, committed a variety of crimes under the pretext of parliamentary immunity and ultimately led to fragmenting the state.

Tunisia became a dictatorship under their rule.

She explained that the president proved to the Tunisian people that he is a “clean hand” person, who does not bargain, sell or buy.

She demanded that the Ennahda parliament not return, and stressed that before the proper parliament can return it must be purified from “political germs” which have usurped power in the sake of its own interests at the expense of the people.

Ennahda is majorly implicated in corruption, and that there are some businessmen who buy parties and donate money until they get a parliament that is hired to serve them. These representatives from the Dignity Coalition have issues before and after they enter parliament.

What happened on July 25 was a revolution of correction, when Ennahda took advantage of the majority in Parliament and overthrew the constitution, and came to enact “money laundering and money laundering” laws.

When Ennahda assumed power, it betrayed the people’s trust by becoming part of the corruption that people hoped it would stop after ousting the regime of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Instead they extended it, becoming liars and criminals who violated the teachings of Islam.

Negotiating with the “Tunisian brotherhood” means the end of hope, she said, and added that she believes that  President Qais Saeed  will never accept such a thing.

In her time working with the Ennahda over 10 years, she said that they were unjust during Abidine Ben Ali’s reign and even after giving them the opportunity for governance, all they did was fight over parliament seats and finalize a corrupt system instead of creating a civiil state.

She stated that “Al-Nahda” ended and became politically bankrupt, explaining that elections were held that would have only a very small number as they were unable to mobilize supporters in the face of July 25th.


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