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In a first, Bibliotheca Alexandrina launches ‘Hieroglyphs Step by Step’

The Writing and Scripts Center of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) launched the “Hieroglyphs Step by Step”, the first interactive website on teaching the ancient Egyptian script.

Available in both Arabic and English, the website is an ongoing project whose first phase was launched in 2015.

“Its content is enriched on a regular basis, whether in the form of courses, exams, adding new words to the dictionary or samples of artifacts,” the official website reads.

The website’s audience includes university students, amateurs, and all those interested in the ancient Egyptian language.

It features lessons related to Hieroglyphic grammar, arranged gradually according to its use, and focusing on writing that includes single-letter signs, two-letter signs, and three-letter signs.

Sources include books, free programs, and translation dictionaries.

The site deals with other topics, about how the ancient Egyptians used numbers, names, adjectives, and personal pronouns.

It grants visitors an overview of titles in ancient Egypt and a set of interactive tests to enable the user to apply what he/she have studied, based on scientific material carefully prepared by professors, experts in Egyptology and scientifically reviewed.

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