Implementation rate of administrative capital monorail at 28%

The administrative capital monorail project implementation rates amounted to 28.2 percent as civil work were carried out by 32 percent and electromechanical work by 24.7 percent.

The project is conducted at a length of 56.5 km and includes 22 stations, and is being implemented through the Alstom – Orascom – Arab Contractors Company consortium.

Equipment is currently being manufactured at a rate of 22.3 percent and tests are being conducted on it successively.

Electromechanical equipment supplies are also underway by 8.9 percent, while the first and second trains of the 40 trains that will be supplied for this project have arrived

While the first train of 30 trains to be supplied for the 6th of October monorail project has arrived in Egypt .

The rest of the fleet of mobile units for the two monorail projects are being manufactured, and will arrive successively according to the specified schedule.

The project is considered one of the modern green means of transportation that will serve Egypt.

The administrative capital monorail will connect Greater Cairo with the new urban areas and cities in the east (New Cairo – the Administrative Capital) and will contribute to facilitating the movement of employees and residents from Cairo and Giza to New Cairo and the Administrative Capital for its integration with the third metro line station in Nasr City and with the electric train at the Arts City station in the new administrative capital.

The monorail project is being implemented in Egypt for the first time and will represent a great cultural shift in mass transportation, which are fast, modern, safe, environmentally friendly and fuel saving means of transport.

It will also ease traffic jams on the main axes and streets as it is expected to attracts passengers over private cars.

The total length of the two monorail projects is 98.5 km with 35 stations, and the capacity of each of the two monorail lines is 600,000 passengers per day.

The monorail train consists of four vehicles, and it is planned to increase the number of vehicles to eight with the increase in population density in the new urban areas it serves.

Monorail trains operate without a driver, with a design speed of 90 km/h, and a dash time of 90 seconds.

The journey time for the monorail line of east of the Nile (the administrative capital) will take 60 minutes and for the monorail line west of the Nile (6th of October) 45 minutes.

For the first time, screen doors will be installed on the sidewalks in front of the train doors to maintain the safety of passengers, in addition to the presence of safe corridors that allow the transfer of passengers between vehicles for more comfort in normal operating conditions and to facilitate emergency evacuations.

Monorail vehicles will also be equipped with television cameras in the train cabin for central monitoring of the railway, and there are LED screens inside the vehicles to provide passengers with information about the trip or to be used commercially in broadcasting paid commercial advertisements.

There is a screen above the side doors to inform the passengers of the name of the final station before they board the train, as well as places for wheelchairs for people with special needs.

The vehicles were also provided with maps above the passenger doors from the inside showing the path through illuminated lamps to help the hearing impaired.

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