Immigration Ministry responds to complaints from Egyptian community in Kuwait

Within the framework of the directives of Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, to follow up on conditions and receive complaints and inquiries from Egyptian communities abroad, the Ministry has received a number of calls for help from the Egyptian community in Kuwait regarding the expiration of their national number, and in light of the instructions that require permitting the renewal of passports.

For a period of one year for citizens whose national ID cards have expired, and this conflicts with the rules for obtaining their residency in the sisterly State of Kuwait, the Ministry of Immigration surveyed the opinion of the Ministry of Interior regarding the petitions submitted by Egyptian citizens in the sisterly State of Kuwait, and the extent of the response to them.

It expressed its full appreciation to the Ministry of the Interior for its immediate approval to renew the passports of those whose national ID cards have expired, for a period of one year and three months instead of one year for one time only, to comply with the rules for obtaining residency permits in the sisterly State of Kuwait, in response and to support the Egyptians residing in The State of Kuwait, to make it easier for them.

This indicates the extent of great coordination between various ministries and institutions in order to provide full support to Egyptians in all countries of the world.

For her part, she thanked Mr. Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, for the ongoing coordination and cooperation and solving the problem of Egyptian citizens residing in the sisterly State of Kuwait, stressing that the Egyptian state will not hesitate to provide support and assistance to Egyptian citizens abroad, in accordance with the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Which pays great attention to this file, noting that the Ministry of Immigration’s strategy is based on strengthening Egyptians’ connection to the homeland while providing support, protecting their interests abroad, and solving their problems.

She also confirmed that the Ministry continues to support all Egyptian communities abroad and meet the needs of all Egyptians abroad, stressing that the Ministry’s strategy aims to communicate with all segments of Egyptians abroad and communicate directly with Egyptian communities abroad, through which it seeks to solve any problems or challenges facing Egyptians abroad.

Indicating that this comes within the presidential directives that place the file of Egyptians abroad as a top priority, implementing a sustainable communication strategy and resolving all the problems and crises they face.

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