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Immigration Ministry launches podcast to introduce young Egyptians abroad to their civilization

Minister of Immigration and Affairs for Egyptians Abroad, Soha Gendi, launched the podcast “Information in a Story,” in order to introduce younger generations of Egyptian expatriates abroad to their ancient heritage.

Gendi said she launched the podcast on Spotify to make it easier for them to learn about their homeland as part of the presidential initiative “Speak Arabic”.

The ministry is eager to use various means of communication to reach all Egyptians abroad around the world, link them to Egypt historically, and give them the opportunity to be part of the nation’s future, she explained.

In a statement, the ministry said that the podcasts first episodes will include simplified stories to familiarize Egyptians abroad with the vocabulary of Egypt’s ancient holidays and occasions, as well as historical customs, traditions and food in addition to narrating various religious stories.

The statement added that the first few episodes will cover the history of celebrating Eid al-Adha and ancient rituals that Egyptians are accustomed to, alongside recipes for specific Egyptian dishes.

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