Immigration Minister visits first Egyptian-run school in Ontario

Egypt’s Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram on Tuesday paid a visit to the Philopateer Christian College, the first Egyptian school in Ontario, in light of celebrations for the Egyptian Coptic Festival in Canada.

The visit began with recitations for the national anthems of Egypt and Canada, reflecting the values of loyalty and belonging among Egyptians in Canada.

School principal Phoebe Wasfy said that the Egyptian community in Ontario has made an effort to revive Egyptian heritage and civilization, connecting new generations with their motherland.

“Egypt lives in us, and despite my migration at the age of 10, I grew up in a family that keeps Egypt in heart. We are people with a civilization of 7,000 years celebrating their history and transferring part of the greatness of the civilization to the world,” Wasfy said.

Makram and the accompanying delegation also visited the Egyptian Museum in Mississauga. It is the first Museum in Ontario to host identical replicas of King Tutankhamun’s treasure, in addition to various pieces from different dynasties of Ancient Egypt and Coptic antiquities.

Museum director Ehab Bakhit explained to the delegation the idea of establishing the museum and explained that it contains imitation pieces of Egyptian antiquities.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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