Imaginary dialogue with a headmistress

A Saudi headmistress let a pregnant teacher bleed until her baby died.  
Reading this news, you may say to yourself "this woman is cruel", but you may not wonder what made her do so.
The headmistress did not allow the ambulance to enter the school because it is haram (forbidden in Islam) for a woman to be examined by a male doctor.
This is not the first time something like this has happened. A few years ago, another headmistress let her female students burn to death because she would not allow male firefighters to rescue them.
The problem is that this all happens under the name of religion, to preserve God’s law.
I wish I could talk to the headmistress and see what she has in common with ISIL, who slaughtered the Egyptian Copts in Libya in cold blood. But since this is not possible, I imagined the following dialogue with her:
Q: Did you feel remorse that the fetus died?
A: Not at all. It was God’s will. He took what belonged to Him and He will give her another. Who knows, maybe it would have become a bad or deformed child?
Q: But how can you decide the fate of the fetus? To abort it or not is the decision of the parents and the doctor. How can you commit a crime and say it was God’s will?
A: It was not a crime because the unborn child will become an angel in heaven and the mother will be rewarded in heaven because she remained pristine.
Q: The devil himself does not have a say in who becomes an angel in heaven. What exactly is your definition of pristine?
A: Pristine means she is not seen by a strange man, even if she is not a Muslim.
Q: But the ambulance would have just taken her to the hospital. It is just a means of transport and first aid. What is wrong with that?
A: The mere presence of a man is haram.
Q: Is it not haram to kill? What does that poor fetus have to do with your sick sexual obsessions?
A: It is not a sexual obsession. It is an obsession with morality and the application of God’s instructions.
Q: Did God give instructions that women should be left to bleed or burn to death, but men should be treated if their fingernails are scratched? 
A: It is God who favors men over women, not me.
Q: It is your kind that imbues people with such lies, isn’t it?
A: You are a dirty secularist who foments perversion and decay. You probably believe women can wear perfume and drive cars. They would be infidels if they did so.
Q: And you probably want a society without women so that men are relieved from their sexual lusts and can concentrate on work, right?
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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