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IDSC says 45.7% of Egyptians find that new road network reduces traffic congestion

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) conducted an opinion poll where citizens were asked to how much they saw that the nation’s new road network contributes to reducing traffic congestion.

The new road and bridge network is one of the most important achievements in Egypt recently, and was the main reason for Egypt jumping from the rank 118 to 28 in the road quality index. The real test comes in the extent of this new network’s ability to reduce traffic congestion facing citizens in their daily life.

The assessment was on a scale from zero to ten – zero means that it does not reduce congestion at all and ten means that the new road network helped reduce congestion completely.

The results showed that 45.7 percent of the respondents evaluated it with scores ranging between eight and 10, 20.9 percent of them evaluated it from five to seven, compared to only 4.6 percent who evaluated it at less than five.

The remaining percent of those polled was for those who could not determine or who did not go out much.

The IDSC also polled opinions about the level of cleanliness of roads and streets, also on a scale of zero to ten degrees where ten means that the streets are very clean, and zero means that the streets are not clean at all.

Around 34.2 percent of the respondents evaluated the level of road cleanliness ranging from eight to 10, while 34.1 percent of the citizens indicated scored it at five to seven degrees, 10.2 percent evaluated the level of cleanliness at less than five, and 21.5 percent did not specify.

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