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IDF says unit has taken control of “terrorist infrastructure” in central Gaza operation

From CNN's Amir Tal and Tim Lister

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said its troops took control of “terrorist infrastructure” at the residence of Hamas’ Gaza Brigade Commander and killed “dozens of terrorist operatives” in an operation in central Gaza.

The 460th Brigade “enabled the entrance of special forces who scanned the area (Daraj Tuffah). During close-quarters combat, the troops killed dozens of terrorist operatives.”

“The soldiers also discovered and destroyed tunnel shafts, large quantities of weapons, and found intelligence material connecting the central Daraj Tuffah Mosque to the October 7th massacre,” the IDF said.

The commander of the 460th Brigade, Col. Dvir Edri said it had now “completed its mission in the Daraj Tuffah area.”

The IDF has expanded its military assault in central Gaza, but said Monday it was now able to reduce the number of soldiers stationed in Gaza. The 460th Brigade is one of the units being withdrawn to return to “scheduled training.”

Some background: The Israeli military has said thousands of its troops will leave Gaza, but added that “planning and preparation” for fighting will continue into 2024.

The move indicates a lower-intensity stage of the war, a US official said, as the White House urges Israeli officials to begin a more targeted phase of combatting Hamas. US President Joe Biden previously said Israel had been engaged in “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza, which is prohibited by international humanitarian law.

US intelligence assessments suggest nearly half of the air-to-ground munitions that Israel used in Gaza have been unguided, otherwise known as “dumb bombs.” Unguided munitions are typically less precise and can pose a greater threat to civilians

Israeli attacks have killed at least 21,978 people in Gaza and injured 57,697, the Hamas-run Ministry of Health said. CNN is unable to independently confirm the figures provided by the ministry due to restricted access to the region and difficulty in verifying accurate numbers amid the war.

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