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ICJ will deliver a ruling Friday on genocide case against Israel

From CNN’s Mariya Knight and Jomana Karadsheh

The International Court of Justice will deliver its ruling Friday on whether to enact provisional measures to temporarily suspend Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, the ICJ said in a news release.

South Africa filed the case against Israel at the ICJ, claiming it is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and failing to prevent and punish genocide in violation of its obligations under the Genocide Convention.

Israel has rejected the accusations, calling them “false” and “grossly distorted.”

South Africa has asked the court, which is the main legal arm of the United Nations, to enforce “provisional measures” to protect the rights of Palestinians in Gaza “from imminent and irreparable loss.”

The measures would function as a kind of restraining order to stop the dispute from escalating while the full case progresses through the court, which could take years. And while the court’s rulings are final and binding, in practice it has no way of enforcing them.

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