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Ibrahim Issa’s ‘The Atheist’ to be shown in cinemas on August 30

The company producing the Egyptian movie “al-Molhed” (The Atheist) announced that the film would debut in cinemas on August 30, following several delays.

The company launched the promotional poster several days ago, showing lead actor Ahmed Hatem.

The promo is scheduled to be launched in the second half of August.

Originally filmed a year ago, “The Atheist” was delayed due to its controversial plot that focuses on religious extremism, atheism, and the abandonment of religion by youth.

Written by Ibrahim Issa, the film contrasts a young non-believer whose thoughts on religious matters has convinced him there cannot be a creator with a religious extremist, who has excommunicated society as a whole and declared war on humanity.

The film stars Hatem, Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Hemida, Tara Emad, Naglaa Badr, and Ahmed al-Selkawy. It s directed by Mando al-Adl.

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